Sunday, 27 January 2013

Trip to Ladybower Reservoir

My girlfriend and I were finally able to get out into the Peak District yesterday. We managed to get to Ashopton Viaduct that crosses part of the Ladybower reservoir and then risked going up the tract to the Upper Derwent visitor centre. After about 100m or so we started to think it may have been a bad idea as this track hadn't been cleared and was like driving on an ice rink. Fortunately we made to the visitor centre without any incidents and were greeted by a large flock of very hungry ducks. They must of been feeling a little neglected as relatively few people had ventured up there due to the heavy snow recently.

Photographically I was after the blue skies for my landscapes, however the clouds rolled in quite quickly and the visibility began to decrease. I was able to get a nice reflection shot though.

My favourite part of the visitor centre is the bird gardens next to the car park. Here you can get really close to a variety of song birds visiting the feeders. I could of stood there all afternoon taking pictures of all the visiting birds. The stars of the afternoon were the resident male Chaffinch's as they were particularly photogenic.


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